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Oh hello there!

My name is Vaida

But that you probably already know since I’m all over this place. 
I’ve been in this business for over 8 years now and I’ve always put myself out there as “my work speaks louder than me”… Yet what I’ve come to realise after some time, [which I took off to search for my long lost identity], is that – my brand is me.
So here I am.

I believe our brands should showcase the personality behind it, hence why I’ve decided to come out of my shell. My focus is to do exactly the same for others – for you & your business. To be honest – my heart lights up when I see a business transform from an idea into a living, breathing brand. This is something I’ve been doing for so many years, and so it’s what I love doing the most.

About Vaida Loulou

What if I told you there was a better way to be authentic yet timeless?

Imagine what it will feel like if your brand had this fresh, cohesive yet timeless look – something you sort of dreamed of, but it became even more

Okay, this might sound as if I’m putting up together the next punch line for an add, but what I’m trying to say is – I’ve been there. 

You see, chances are – you might have heard of me before. No, I’m not famous [yet]. Whether you did or not – I used to work as a graphic, web designer, under the name of Don’t Tell Anyone some time ago. Ever sine then – I rebranded my own business many times. I’ve also started some new ventures where I’ve done it all alone. 

What I’ve learnt from those experiences is – that we can’t do it all, and we need help. So here I am. To help you, to make a brand that makes sense, is authentic & timeless.

I am efficient, I work hard yet smart, and I’m very passionate and excited to see others succeed! 

I specialise in cohesive, fresh and timeless brand design for artisans, creatives and their businesses. 

My Core Values

If any of those meet with yours – we definitely will vibe


What my clients say -

“Vaida did a wonderful job and exceeded every expectation we had. She’s a great listener, extremely patient and professional. Her creativity is truly inspiring. We loved working with Vaida and look forward doing it again!” 

Vaida Loulou Brand Designer

Working with me

I create brands that make sense. That’s why I take a specialized approach with each brand I work with.

When I design and explore – I’m rooted in strategy. I look at brand’s core values, personality, inspiration, audience, vision and more.
I feel it’s necessary to develop brands holistically, knowing that ultimately, I’m telling a story about the whole of your business—considered from every angle.

The work process

This is about the whole you.

Each branding project I embark on follows the same foundational timeline: I begin with exploration which I then transform into cohesive and recognisable design that resonates with the right people, or in other words – attracts the ideal client. 



Before I embark on design, I ask you a series of clarifying questions to help me dig deeper into the heart of your dreams and vision for your brand’s visual identity. This stage builds the strong foundation I need to create a brand that properly appeals to your audience and expresses your vision.



At this point, most of the introspective legwork is done— in this stage, I evaluate all of that information, get on a 1:1 project kickoff call, and present you with one or two visual directions we could go on based on the discovery stage. On this call, we talk through all-things direction and messaging.

Refinement & Delivery

Refinement & Delivery

After we solidify your brand’s visual direction, I begin design— this is the part where I really get to make magic with the foundations I’ve laid. I go one-by-one through the major elements in your brand, checking in with you at each element with multiple options to choose from. Once we’ve completed finishing design touches, we compile everything into a comprehensive brand guidebook and file suite.